OHU CM Lora King was present with mom and children at a supervised visit while the mom experienced a seizure. Lora, calm and meticulous in any situation, handled this in true form, calling 911 and even contacting the fathers of the children to let them know about the incident. This is another example of the outstanding professionalism we always see from Lora.

OHU DCM Danielle Meinke is an extraordinary Case Manager. She is compassionate, caring, and committed and it shows in her work every day. Recently Danielle closed a family of five children who had been reunified with their mother. The children are all happy and healthy and the mother was very grateful to Danielle for all of the assistance that was provided to her. Danielle closed another child the same day with a relative caregiver. And now Danielle is asking to take the two shelters we received last week! Every day that she comes to work, Danielle accomplishes something, whether it be big or small, whether it be ordinary or extraordinary, whether it be mundane or exciting – every day something happens with Danielle. She is the epitome of the perfect Case Manager and if cloning were possible, we would have several of her at One Hope United. Thank you, Danielle, for being you, and for being one of the best.

Christina Ware has been an invaluable asset to CHS for the past three years.  She started her career as a case manager. She has dedicated herself and time to the families she served. Christina is always attentive to her families’ individual needs and she ensures services are provided to her families promptly. Christina is compassionate, she listens to her families, makes herself available to them when they need her, and she never complains. Instead, Christina is seen every day wearing a smile and she always has a calm and pleasant disposition. Christina is now a family team conference facilitator and she is just as kind and compassionate towards the individuals and families who are in need of someone who will just listen without judgment and understanding that people can change in spite of their circumstances. Christina is a “go getter”; when something needs to be done, she does it. She is also a team player and will assist anyone of her fellow teammates when they are in need. Christina embraces CHS’ core values of caring, commitment, integrity, and excellence. Thank you Christina, we are fortunate to have you on our team!

The Devereux leadership team wants to acknowledge the following team members for their outstanding contributions and assistance to the families in Circuit 10:

Alfreda White:  for always being willing to jump in and help out her fellow case managers.  Also for her diligent work with a teen who was adopted and for being a strong support to him through the transition and ultimate adoption.

Katelyn Davis:  she is such a helper to anyone that is in need.  She works hard to meet time frames and really believes in teamwork. 

Rachelle Louis:  she is a dedicated employee that never complains.  Has had some tough times with placing children but through it all she never complained and always kept a smile on her face.

Shedlie Desravines:  for also being a dedicated employee.  She took over a difficult case with some difficult teens that run often and need to be picked up and placed in different counties.  She is working diligently with them, encouraging them and never complains.