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Meet DJ! You might hear some people call him by his given name, Dillard, but he much prefers his nickname, DJ! DJ is 15-years old and although he might be shy at first, once he gets to know you, he’s an open book and ready to talking about almost anything! DJ likes building close connections to people in his life, and has a great memory of conversations and what he is told. He’s also quite the comedian. He’s always ready to tell a joke and loves to make people laugh. His presence is delightful to be around and he has an easy-going personality. DJ considers himself a gamer, and has some amazing creativity! He appreciates his time at school where he can hang out with close friends and talk about videos games. This doesn’t seem to impact his academics though, he does quite well in school! DJ enjoys trying new foods and recipes but his favorite food is pizza!  DJ might be described as a conqueror, a resilient teen who takes challenges on face-to-face and overcomes each one.  Perhaps it’s his experiences that have also led him to be a very helpful young man who doesn’t have a problem lending a hand to those in need.  DJ would flourish in a family who is lively, nurturing, laid-back, and a strong support.

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