Devereux would like to highlight Devereux Case Manager, India Spence. India participated in her first Critical Incident Rapid Response Team review (CIRRT) due to the recent unfortunate situation. She did an exceptional job in providing an overview of the case, including specific dates, service providers, and knowledge of the children’s behaviors. The CIRRT members (which comprised of DCF; CLS; YFA; HFC & Devereux) acknowledged the great work India has done with the family including the support she has given to the family during this time. Great Job India!”

Todd Raines has been a valued member of the Children’s Home Society team for over 9 years.  From his humble beginnings as a DCMT in 2009, he was promoted to a Dependency Specialist in 2012 after obtaining his Master’s Degree.  Since that time, he has been “Making a Difference” with our Young Adult population as an intricate member of our Independent Living team.  Although working as an Independent Living Life Coach is a Specialist Position, as with most positions in the child welfare field, there is high turnover.  While other people have filled the second Independent Living Life Coach position, they have come and gone, and Todd has remained tried and true.   Without question, Todd Raines, has been the constant and the base on which Children’s Home Society has ensured that the needs of our young adult population has been managed and cared for.  Additionally, he has solely managed our Independent Living population in several instances during vacancies.  Todd Raines takes the time to get to know his clients and assesses their needs, so that he can guide them toward success.  He is not only highly knowledgeable in the independent living field, but also has a wealth of experience in case management, and frequently will mentor and guide his peers and assist his supervisor when needed, to support the rest of his team.  He is absolutely an asset to Children’s Home Society, our system of care, and all of the young adults that he works with.  Thanks for all you do, Todd

NTF Family Advocate, Shanique Outley is outgoing and friendly; always willing to assist a coworker or family in need. Whether she is taking food to a family, conducting a safety management visit or coordinating housing, Shanique always has a smile on her face.  Her positive attitude affects the work environment in the best way possible. She offers assistance to fellow co-workers, even when not prompted.  On one occasion, Shanique stopped by and picked up food from a local church, went by the location where the family was residing and dropped off the food from the pantry as well as a fresh pizza - even used a “coupon” to save HFC flex funds.  She is a master of “couponing”! NTF and the families we serve appreciate you, Shanique!  

Ed Ramey is currently an FSW with OHU, and does a super job meeting the needs of the clients. He has often offered to work on Saturdays to ensure that siblings are able to visit together, and his wife supports his varied work schedule. The couple are not new to creating safe, lasting relationships for youth, as they have been providers in the licensed care setting for years. Pictured here is Ed, holding an award that he and his wife received back in 2010, from the FCC, as Child Care Workers of the Year. Ed was humble in sharing these prior accolades, but we wanted to renew some spotlight to him as we celebrated our newest FCC award winner, Deangelo Pittard. Thanks for all that you do Ed!


Austin Morgan, who is a very new case manager with One Hope United, was recently required to testify in one of his cases. Austin knew the answers to all of the questions, spoke confidently and without hesitation. Austin appeared to be a seasoned case manager and several people made comments as to how well he did. They all remarked about how, based on his performance, one would never know that he was a new case manager. We are all impressed by your professionalism, Austin!


Latasha Spears is a Case Manager with One Hope United. She is assigned to two exceptionally difficult cases involving teenage girls. After an intake involving allegations of human trafficking was received, Latasha was notified that an emergency modification of placement would be needed and that the children could not safely remain in their current home, even for one more night. She immediately sprang into action and worked diligently to locate a familiar placement for these children. Despite the late hour, Latasha conducted an emergency home study and was able to secure a non-relative placement for the girls, with a caregiver who previously adopted their sister and cousin. She is dedicated to the families she serves and always works to ensure that her children, parents, and caregivers have the tools they need to be successful. Thank you, Latasha!


Chenoa Baldwin is a case manager with One Hope United – she has been with One Hope for three and a half years.  Chenoa is kind and patient and this shows through in her day-to-day dealings with her clients.  Despite receiving personal negativity from a caregiver, Chenoa knew that this placement and this caregiver were the absolute best place for this very young child to be.  She knew that this child would be loved and cared for in this placement and that this child would never need to be moved.  Chenoa was able to continue to work with this caregiver in order to solidify this placement and make sure this child would have a forever home, even when the caregiver was rude and condescending to her.  Chenoa maintained her professionalism and kept her goal for this child in mind in all dealings with the family.  Chenoa was able to remain objective and now this child will grow up loved and safe in the home where the child will soon be adopted!