Positive Culture Framework

Positive Culture Framework


Heartland for Children believes that all parents want to be good parents. It is this foundational belief that fuels our work in establishing a Positive Culture Framework within the communities that we serve.


Positive parenting norms exist in our community and we believe they are worth growing. Working with the Center for Health and Safety Culture at Montana State University, we were able to show just how strong parenting norms are in the communities we serve by administering a well-established self- report survey protocol to parents within our tri-county area.


We will be rolling out a series of messages as part of a Positive Community Norms campaign, where we will be sharing the actual data we collected to help educate our community about the specific robust parenting norms in our communities that we believe are worth growing. We are looking to make sure that parents in our community, as well as the community at large, understand the true strong parenting norms that exist to help grow these norms and also correct existing misperceptions about parenting that were identified through the survey process.


As this campaign rolls out, we can use your help.


  • Please consider sharing these messages with your family, friends and colleagues.
  • Give us your thoughts on the campaign by participating in pilot testing.
  • Join your local county-level taskforce for the prevention of child maltreatment to help stay up to date with the campaign progress and assist with other prevention efforts.
  • Learn more about this campaign by visiting, acommunitythatcares.org, and share this resource with others.
  • And above all else, continue to do a good job protecting and nurturing children.


For more information, please contact our Director of Education and Community Relations, Kathie Southern, at (863) 519-8900, x.205 or at ksouther@heartlandforchildren.org