The Shaeffer Family

Meet the Shaeffer Family who started their foster care journey this year! The Shaeffer's have taken in two 4-year old's with special needs, which made them very difficult to place. Both kids required to have many specialist appointments in which Michelle initiated and scheduled. Michelle has been open to all help to stabilize these children in her home. They are going through the enhanced foster care classes because they desire to learn more on how to help the children in their home. The Shaeffer's are a great family and amazing advocates for our kids in care!

Michelle shared her perspective about fostering, “Foster care is messy. You choose to share the burden of someone's past, you choose to walk alongside them as they heal, and you choose to love them without conditions. In our journey as foster parents, one of the most moving experiences has been watching our own children love on our 'bonus kids'. Giving our children the opportunity to share in the comfort, care, and befriending of a child in need is a gift that cannot be bought. It is our hope and prayer that our home does not reflect what we've done, but what Christ has done in us."

If you've been considering fostering, Michelle shares, "If you're struggling with whether or not you should foster a child I would say to you, 'I very much doubt that you'll ever regret choosing to love a child.' I'd also probably tell you to stock up on chocolate and coffee and find yourself a good support system!”

Thank you Shaeffer Family for choosing to foster love for our local children and families!
If you're interested in learning more about fostering, call 863-519-8900 x 289 or visit