Rae Family

Natalie started her fostering journey back in March 2021. She shares, "My reason for fostering goes back to being raised by a single, wheelchair bound warrior of a mother. She could have given me up, but she raised me from that chair very well. I grew up with her fostering relationships on my behalf to make sure all of my needs were met. I had an Uncle that treated me like a daughter STILL to this day. I had no idea he was not a blood relative until high school. I always wondered why no one told me that, but I understood that it didn't matter.
I found out about adoption / fostering at a young age and was set on providing this type of love, unconditional love, to any child that needed it. I prayed and asked God that if he gives me the resources to do this it's a done deal.
I believe it takes the WHOLE village to raise a child. I am a part of that village to make sure children can grow up slowly, safe and loved into who they are called to be. My whole life has been watching friends turn into the family that I lost or never had. That's an amazing feeling. I pray that feeling on every child I meet.
I would tell anyone with love & space that you are ENOUGH. Children need unconditional love, safety and boundaries. You have everything you need to get started. They are not looking for perfection, just willing heart to live and learn. It's really my duty & honor to do this. ??"
To learn more about opening your heart and home to children through fostering, call 863-519-8900 x 289.