Dustin & Beth Ann Prickett

Meet Dustin and Beth Ann Prickett.

This young couple became foster parents in 2016 with 3 young sons of their own. Originally the couple wanted to be licensed for children under 5 but a couple years ago they were approached by our placements team about a 17 year old female that had just lost her great uncle and her great aunt was ill and has since passed away. This young woman was in her senior year of high school and more than ever needed a family to take a chance on her and help her through one of the most important transitions a youth faces.

Beth Ann immediately began formulating a plan for this young lady to be successful and helped her get her first job, get her driver’s license,  buy her first car, get a cell phone and her first credit card. She helped her apply to colleges and ultimately the young lady was accepted into the school she was hoping to attend, Southeastern University in Lakeland, Florida. The Prickett’s remain that family that the young lady is always welcome to come back to when she needs some family love.

Beth Ann also serves as a Foster Parent Mentor in our system of care as well as sits on our Foster Caregiver Advisory Council. In the four years that they have served as caregivers in our system of care they have not only cared for the children in their home but they have mentored the biological parents. The Prickett’s were also recently inducted into the All Pro Dad’s Foster and Adoptive Family Hall of Fame!! They truly believe in restoring and healing families and their Christian faith shines through in everything they do.