Austin Morgan of One Hope United is a newly certified case manager/IL Coach who has been with OHU for approximately one year.  Austin has been assigned to a case where the child is not a US citizen, which has made providing services to the child more difficult. This child defected to the US and was placed in licensed foster care.  Since Austin has been assigned to the case, the child has been able to leave foster care and is now living in a non-relative placement. Austin worked diligently to get the child into this placement before the holidays so he could spend the time in a family setting.  This was the child’s first Thanksgiving and the first Christmas where he would have a Christmas tree and would be able to celebrate, because in his country only the very rich were able to celebrate with gifts and a tree.  It became very important to Austin to ensure that this child had the “American Christmas Dream” that he had never experienced.  During an out-of-state trip with the school sports team between Thanksgiving and Christmas, the child was badly injured and required a hospital visit.  When the child returned home, Austin went out (on a day the OHU offices were closed) to visit the child to see how he was doing and to provide Christmas gifts to the child. It was important to Austin that the child have gifts to open and for him to see the child after such a serious injury.  Austin worked with the caregivers to ensure the child had all he needed for the reconstructive surgery after the holidays as well.  Austin has shown such care and commitment to this child and his well-being. He is even working closely with an immigration attorney to help the child establish citizenship which will secure a safe future for the child. Thank you, Austin, for your dedication to this child and all you have done for him!


Nena Cizewski-Baird is a Case Manager who has been with OHU since April of 2018. Nena is an adoptive parent herself, and has been able to utilize that experience in her work with a current caregiver and child. She has demonstrated an understanding of trauma and has routinely done a job of educating and supporting the CG and child. She provides perspective from a CM, as well as a Grandmother and caring adult. She has genuine concern, compassion and empathy for the healing of this child. Her documentation and casework have been of an excellent quality and standard as well.


Pam Brack is the OHU Supervisor in Hardee, and recently renewed her CM skills in stepping in to provide team coverage and support. She understands the needs of the clients and families, and molds to the needs of her team in doing so.


Assistant Directors of Programs for OHU, Gail Werley and Dorcas Statham-Walker jump in every day to support their teams and band together in times of need. In total, the teams of the 3 area successfully achieved permanency for more than 75 children in Quarter 3. They consistently utilize innovative approaches to bring families together whenever safely possible.


Kimberly Helmick and Brittany Pinkney have worked for an extended period to stabilize a large sibling group. There are routine efforts required for visitation, daily needs and services. They have worked together to produce safety and security for the kids, while moving toward permanency.


One Hope United Case Manager Tammy Cleveland has been very busy lately. She is assigned to Unit 853 in Hardee County and the unit has recently experienced some turnover. Two Case Managers left for new and exciting career opportunities and one left to have a baby and get married. Tammy took on a very large caseload during this transition and has kept up with home visits and paperwork. She never missed a supervised visit between parents and children, and spent weekends ensuring all children were seen timely and all work was completed. Although the unit is fully staffed again, two Case Managers will be entering pre-service soon, which still leaves Tammy with a large caseload. However, not only does Tammy maintain her work requirements but she also assists in mentoring the new CMs and allows them to shadow her throughout her very busy days. Tammy has always been the type of employee to step up to the plate and take on extra work, and her recent actions continue to speak to her dedication to One Hope United and the children we serve. Rock on, Tammy Cleveland!


While Tammy deserves recognition, she would not be able to do her work without the support of her supervisor. Pamela Brack has rolled with the changes and taken on several cases herself. She works tirelessly to ensure the Hardee cases are in good order and to ensure all children’s safety and well-being remain a priority. Pam has written countless Progress Updates, Judicial Review reports, Supervisory Reviews and Consults, and conducted more home visits than can be counted. Throughout this transition, she has maintained an upbeat and positive attitude and even managed to keep her MDI in the green! She is an excellent role model to her new employees and provides them with the guidance and support they need as they enter the word of child welfare. Pam is to be commended for her allegiance to One Hope United and her resilience as a Case Manager Supervisor during this time of change. You are a rock star, Pam!


The following communication was sent to One Hope United’s leadership by CLS Attorney Beth Charlier in recognition of Case Manager Natasha Hardin:


“Dorcas and Amanda,


I wanted to pass on what an excellent job Natasha Hardin has done on this case. It has been a very difficult case that has required a lot of Natasha’s time, yet she hasn’t missed a beat. She has had to testify in a trial and a very involved evidentiary hearing on this case alone in a 2 month period. She did a lot of foot work to make sure I had what I needed for the contested evidentiary hearing today.

She is an amazing asset for our families and she is a pleasure to work with.


I know you guys are aware how great she is, but I wanted to let you know her great work is not unnoticed with myself and other colleagues.






Anna Easley started working with Children’s Home Society on 7/30/2015 as a Dependency Case Manager.  She had several years of Dependency experience in other parts of the state.  After about two years in case management, she decided that it was time to retire but due to the relationships she had established here at CHS, she agreed to stay with the organization in a part time relief position where her focus was on Family Finders and Family Team Conferencing.  Anna makes every effort to find and locate potential families for our youth in care and then pushes our team to follow up and establish those necessary connections.  Anna always goes above and beyond, helping new case managers with guidance and direction, as well as volunteering to assist with projects such as organizing a Children’s toy room so that we could provide birthday gifts to our kids, attending and taking the lead in job fairs at local colleges, or heading up our CHS Parent Support Group.  She even helps decorate, and organize our office luncheons and events for our team.  Anna without question, is an asset to Children’s Home Society and the Dependency System in general. 


Devereux Case Manager, Tyrica Morris, showed amazing dedication in working with both the parents and a caregiver on a case that closed PG this month. The caregiver reported how much she appreciated Tyrica’ s help with the children and herself, and noted her as always being available when needed and that she couldn’t have made it through this process without her assistance.


Devereux Case Manager, Stephanie Balmaceda showed her dedication to the work by volunteering to sit with a challenging youth at his placement until he fell asleep.


Devereux Case Manager, Shedlie Desravines truly showed a positive attitude by taking ownership of her newly transferred case: a case that has a lot of surrounding dynamics that needed immediate attention. 


Devereux Case Manager, Walner Pierrissaint traveled with a Case Manager Supervisor and a youth to his new placement out of state. The child has multiple challenges that required more than one staff member to provide supervision during the travel, and Walner graciously agreed. Throughout the travel, Walner remained positive and worked to make the child feel comfortable in his new placement.