Congratulations Maria!

Congratulations to Maria Gutierrez, one of our Transition Age Youth Mentors, for last week, hitting her 1-Year Work Anniversary! Maria herself is a former foster youth and now uses her experiences to help encourage and mentor youth. 

She shared, "A year ago, I started working for Heartland for Children and I can say wholeheartedly that I love working here. Being there and giving (youth in foster care) that support when they don't have it, giving them a hearing ear that knows what it's like being in the system and knowing the struggles. Helping children and young adults use their voices so we can change the system for the better as children in the system! 1 year and many to go! I'm proud of myself, where I'm at now and the struggles and hurt that I had to go through to get here! Wouldn't change anything!"

Thank you, Maria for all of your hard work and dedication to being a voice for our youth in care!