Blankets for Kids in Foster Care













We want to share a BIG thank you to Deanne Shanklin, the Highlands County Coordinator, along with her Women United group who reached out to the Highlands Community about making blankets to distribute to foster children in Lake Placid.

A 2nd grade class from Lake Country Elementary School, led by teacher Michele Harris and awesome “magical mommies” helped answer the call by assisting the children in making blankets. Our Community Engagement Specialist, Natalya Clemens, received the blankets and was able to answer the children's questions about foster homes and children in foster care. 

One of our favorite questions was, “how does a child feel when they have to leave their home and go to a foster home?” Natalya shared that they can be scared because they don’t know what is going to happen, however we hope these blankets will help bring comfort during uncertain times. We encouraged her to continue to ask great questions!