Case Manager's Corner: September 2021

Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Legal Officer, April Rolle's forum in which to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


- Larry Renfro, Marnell Brown, Margarita Bailon, Katelyn Davis, Stephanie Balmaceda, Abigail Workman, Rachelle Louis, Rodina Lynch, Loleta Gosling, Andrea McNulty and Katherine Marini at Devereux
- Christian Sanchez at One Hope United
- Anacia Brooks, Sheltanya Owens, Sandi Denmark and Clyatt Mills at Children's Home Society




KUDOS to staff Larry Renfro, Marnell Brown, Margarita Bailon, Katelyn Davis, Stephanie Balmaceda, Abigail Workman, Rachelle Louis, Rodina Lynch, Loleta Gosling, Andrea McNulty and Katherine Marini for all of their assistance with supervision of a difficult to place child.  They stepped up and helped with overall supervision of the child in the office through the week and weekend.  This required a lot of planning and sacrificing on their part.  YOU ALL ARE SOOOOO APPRECIATED!!


One Hope United

Christian Sanchez, has been a One Hope United Case Manager for 2 years. Christian has a mother on his caseload who has suffered unimaginable domestic violence at the hands of the father of her child. The domestic violence was so bad, the child had to be removed from the home for their own safety. After the child's removal, the father battered the mother so badly that she woke up days after the attack on the floor of her apartment by herself and had to be hospitalized for her injuries. Given the extent of the domestic violence the mother has suffered, she is understandably afraid of another attack and is constantly thinking about the “what ifs” that may occur later down the road. The mother has frequently been asked to leave shelters and safe houses due to her inability to remain stable and literally has no friends or family to help support her. Christian has been her only support throughout this case. Christian has worked very closely with the mother and local service providers to ensure that she has the best support possible, and the child was able to be safely reunified with the mother. Christian helped the mother and the child relocate to a domestic violence shelter outside of Circuit 10 to give her and the child the best chance at starting over and remaining safe from the father. This has been a very difficult case for Christian, but he has remained calm and committed to the safety and well-being of both the mother and her child.


Children's Home Society

We want to highlight Anacia Brooks as well as her supervisor, Sheltanya Owens stepped up to meet the needs of a child. Recently there was an incident in our office where there was a COVID positive child with no stable placement.  Without hesitation they both agreed to rotate and sit with the child and care for her until a placement could be identified. During this time when we are all cautious about the possibility of how this virus would affect us, they were both more concerned with making sure the child was doing well. Anacia constantly goes above and beyond for her clients and is solution focused and driven by our Core Values. Sheltanya, who is new to the supervisory role, always offers support and guidance to her team members and the families she serves.  Anacia and Sheltanya are an asset to the CHS Team and the child welfare community!


“While working in case management, I have learned that everything I do can make a difference. Whether it’s referring a parent to a service to help them become the best version of themselves, or having a phone call with a child when he or she is not having a great day, or just making sure children get to visit with their parents once a week. Every aspect of my day as a DCM is very important and life changing. And at the end of the day, when a child is reunified with parents, placed with relatives, or adopted by a wonderful foster family, the smiles I help create makes all of the hard work worth it. We do good!”

– Anacia Brooks


Dependency Specialists, Sandi Denmark and Clyatt Mills are great team players! Although their current roles do not require they manage a caseload and complete home visits, they have jumped right in and volunteered to assist other team members with home visits, parent contacts, completing home studies, while still maintaining their own responsibilities.  They do not wait for other team members to ask for help, they step up and figure out who is struggling and see what they can do to assist.



"I enjoy working with parents and being able to provide them with support, guidance, advice and watch them grow along their journey. There are many curves and bumps in the road on that journey, but with some support all parents can travel down this road and achieve their success. Every family has a different story and success. I am thankfully that parents partner with us and allow us to be part of their journey." - Sandi Denmark


"We both do this work because we love it!" - Clyatt Mills


Everyone here in our Circuit 10 system of care feels honored to have these amazing people working with our families and changing lives. We are so proud of all of our case managers for the very difficult work they do every day and for the support they provide to the children and families that we serve.