Case Manager's Corner: June 2021

Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Performance Officer, Bill Nunnally's forum in which to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


- Tamora Boatwright, Michelle O'Connor, Katie Davis, Tangela Coleman, Abigail Workman, Marnell Brown, Andrea McNulty, Shuntia Hamilton, Pamela Pierce, Rachelle Louis and Vanessa Young at Devereux
- Christian Sanchez and Jenesis Jackson at One Hope United
- Sheltanya Owens and Raquel Martell at Children's Home Society




Devereux Leadership sends a shout out to Tamora Boatwright for doing an amazing job in providing testimony on a difficult case this morning in court! This was recognized by the Guardian Ad Litem Program who reported:  “Tamora is on FIRE on this hearing. Kudos to you Tamora for being so supportive on that case-you have already exceeded yourself in getting items for this family and wrapping around this child to assist before it got to this point!” Great Job Tamora!!!!


KUDOS from the DEV Leadership team to Tamora Boatwright, Michelle O’Connor, Katie Davis, Tangela Coleman, Abigail Workman, Marnell Brown, Andrea McNulty, Shuntia Hamilton, Pamela Pierce, Rachelle Louis, and Vanessa Young for doing an amazing job helping with 2 kids that needed overnight supervision in their placements.  These staff were eager to assist and did an amazing job keeping up with their daily work duties and assisting with these youths.  TEAM WORK MAKES THE DREAM WORK!!


One Hope United

Christian Sanchez, One Hope United Case Manager, successfully reunified a 2-year-old child with his mother after being out of home for 14 months. The mother was a victim of domestic violence and she was extremely unstable with her housing due to her paranoia of being found by her abuser. Christian made numerous calls to DV shelters for the mother to ensure she felt safe. The mother bounced from shelter to shelter because she always found excuses as to why she could not stay in the shelter which resulted in the CM having to pick up the mother and child, along with their belongings and move them. CM Sanchez advocated strongly for the mother, utilizing resources that she may not have found on her own. He pushed the mother to become more independent and provided her with community resources which she is now utilizing. The mother has been in the current shelter for over 2 months, has obtained employment, placed the child in daycare, and now qualifies for the housing program. This case opened in October 2019 and is due to successfully close on June 16, 2021.

Thank you for your patience and tireless work with this mother, Christian.


OHU Leadership would like to recognize Jenesis Jackson. She has been such a huge help. She is self-sufficient and she always gets her work done without having to be reminded. She treats all of her families with kindness. She leads by example and she even has taken the initiative to show the trainees that are in preservice how to properly conduct a home visit. She also showed them how to file in ASK. Jenesis is a great Case Manager and we could use more case managers like her in the field.


Children's Home Society

Sheltanya Owens, CHS Case Manager, always tends to go above and beyond when advocating for her parents, caregivers and children when providing case management services. She has one kid, who has had multiple runaways and has been hard to get her into a stable placement. However, Sheltanya made sure to always advocate for this youth and seek what is best for this kiddo. This youth is now placed in a home that can best meet her needs. Sheltanya has always taken on the extra shifts for on call which shows her to be a great team player.



Raquel Martell has been with CHS for over two years, first as an intern and now as a dependency case manager. She has continued to show her commitment to her families, her team and the CHS family as a whole. At time during the months of April and May, she was the sole case manager that was active in her unit, she worked long hours helping with court coverage and home visits for her fellow teammates that were unable to work at the time. She is consistent with stepping-up to help her team, whether that is through covering home visits, completing court, or helping with shadow opportunities for the trainees in her unit. She completes all her tasks with a smile and the respect all of our families and service providers deserve. Her cases have continued to reunify at exceptional rates due to her dedication to parents and children. She has a special connection with each of her children, even coaching one of her kiddos how to complete a rubric’s cube on their home visits! Raquel has excelled so far in her time with CHS and is a shining example of the CHS values in action every day.


Everyone here in our Circuit 10 system of care feels honored to have these amazing people working with our families and changing lives. We are so proud of all of our case managers for the very difficult work they do every day and for the support they provide to the children and families that we serve.