Sharon & Eric Haller

Meet the Haller Family! To the knowledge of their Relicensing Specialist, Eric and Sharon have NEVER said no to a placement. They always have been willing to take in sibling groups and teens – our greatest need!

Sharon shares,

We love being foster parents and the children enrich our lives every day. When a child first comes into our lives, I think we are more nervous than they are because they are so strong. We always want them to feel loved and welcome in our home.  Their family becomes our family as well, so we support the children and their families.

The Haller family always co-parent through calls and visits. They have even paid for parents’ meals to ensure they can have dinner with their children. Sharon shares, “Our goal is to help everyone get back on track and be ready for their second chance.” Even once kids are reunited with their families, the Haller’s continue to have contact with them and provide ongoing support to the families.

The Haller’s share,

We love to see the children laughing, smiling and being just happy. The children are treated as our children and go on vacation with us, hiking, camping and sometimes on a Friday we will have an all-nighter when we eat junk food and watch movies. (The latest so far is 1am) We wipe their tears and share ideas/ways to make things better in lives and in their futures and we remind them how much everyone loves them.

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