Rudolph Stories: Meet the Stantons

Meet Richard and Diana Stanton!

In 2014, they became foster parents and were instrumental in the reuniting of a sibling group of 3 children. As a family that had recently opened their home to children in the foster care system, they thought that they were going to have to do the best they could to make the holidays special for their children. When first finding out about Rudolph Round-Up, Mr. Stanton shares,

"Rudolph Round-Up was a godsend. People and businesses in the community who were going to share gifts with our children? Originally, we just thought it was sweet. We were asked to prepare a brief Christmas list for each child, to indicate a few higher-price presents the kids would like as well as a list of the children’s favorite characters, shows, activities, etc. Close to Christmas, we got our schedule to pick up the gifts and I drove to the pick-up place. I was amazed at how much was put into my van. And when we took it out at the house after the kids were asleep that night, we were even more amazed at people’s generosity. Everything we had asked for was there, and the kind people who sponsored our children had gone out of their way to get the kids presents related to the characters we had identified as their favorites. All age-appropriate as well, which seemed even more special. These weren’t generic gifts dropped off into a box at a collection site; these were gifts bought specifically for our children by people who cared about improving the lives of others. And the kids? They had never had a Christmas like this one! The joy on their faces was something to see, and we were frankly on the edge of tears seeing their joy. They loved everything, and they talked about their holiday for months after."

Since fostering, the Stanton’s have adopted and now participate in Rudolph Round-Up as donors! Mr. Stanton shares, "My wife and I, we aren’t rich. Not by any means. But if we eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches every night for a week instead of getting fast food or takeout, and we repurpose the money we would have spent and buy presents for children who deserve happiness but are having tough times, that seems like a pretty great decision."

Learn more about Rudolph Round-Up by visiting to learn more about becoming a foster caregiver, call 863-519-8900 x 289.