Case Manager's Corner: 8/16/19

One Hope United recognizes new DCM Leticia Gilchrist from Hardee, along with CMS Krystal Garza and ADOP Becka Kampman. They worked diligently with a mom with extensive trauma who had reunified with her five month old. After exhausting every option at keeping them safely together, coordination occurred with LE and the child was located within hours in Orlando at a Mega Bus station. The CM traveled to pick up the child, delivering her safely to her foster home around 3:30am, and then showed up at work bright and early the next morning. She took this all in stride, remaining calm and collected through the evolution of events.  

OHU DCM Tammy Cleveland and FTC Facilitators Shantel Lyons and Drake Sherwood have been working really closely with a mother to get her four kids in licensed care back home. There have been several systemic barriers to reunification, and this was a case discussed while Todd Darling was here. The CM and the FTC team worked together with mom, CLS and the providers to establish a plan for reunification, which we hope to act upon very soon.

OHU Case Manager Becky Distler has been working with a young lady for the past 3 ½ years.  During this time, the child has been reunified and modified back into care three times due to her parent’s criminal activity.  Each time this happened, the child blamed Becky for being the source of the removals, yelling and cussing at Becky for hours each time. The child frequently disrupted placements, ran away, had run ins with DJJ, and refused to attend school.  Twice the child was placed in non-relative placements that she disrupted at the 5 ½ month mark, keeping the case from closing PG.   Through diligence, hard work and collaboration with the assigned GAL, Becky was able to locate a non-relative that was willing to give the child a chance in May of this year.  Since being placed in this home, the child has blossomed!  Becky picked the child almost daily and took her to and from a GED program in the next town over, took her out to buy clothes for her interview so she could take her GED test prior to turning 18, did a mock interview with her to prepare her for the interview, and took her to the interview so she knew she was on time and ready for it.   Last week Becky learned that the child passed her GED on the first try and is looking to start college soon to be a beautician!  Becky even advocated for OHU to pay for the child’s cap and gown so she can walk in the graduation ceremony in December with the rest of her class.  Becky has also worked diligently with DJJ to make sure the child will be off probation prior to her 18th birthday by ensuring the child attends her hearings, meetings with her JPO, ensuring that she completes her community service hours and pays her court fees. While there were times that Becky felt she was fighting a losing battle with this child, she never gave up on her.  She maintained that this child was smart and capable of whatever she put her mind to, including finishing school on time.  Thanks to Becky and her tireless work with this child, she will now enter adulthood with her GED, off probation, and ready to start college in January. Thank you Becky for all you have done for this child, your hard work and dedication has made a lasting impact!

Special recognition from Susan Ripley of HFC goes to CHS Case Manager Fabiola Thelemaque. She has a child on her case load that has been hospitalized due to a very serious, life threatening illness and she has ensured that she is there to hold the child’s hand through procedures, reassured him and just provided him with a reassuring, loving, familiar face through some tough times.

Michael Harris is one of Children’s Home Society’s newest stars.  He became a DCM Trainee earlier this year and finished Preservice Training very recently in July 2019.  Prior to coming to CHS, Mike , retired from the Bureau of Prisons. He decided to come to case management because after a long career in the public sector, he had a strong desire to give back to his community, and make a difference through an opportunity to work with children and families in need. Since coming to CHS, Mike has shown dedication to the families he serves. He is always willing to adjust his schedule to facilitate visitations and is diligent in getting services for his families in a timely manner. Since the day Mike started, he has been a valuable team member. Prior to starting Pre-Service he was more than happy to get in the field to shadow experiences and work directly with the children CHS serves.  He showed no reservation and wanted to experience as many encounters with our clients as possible.  He has gone above and beyond to help other case managers with transports and supervisions.  We believe that this willingness and drive has already aided Mike since he completed Pre-Service and started taking on his own cases.  Although, still new to case management his hard work and dedication have already shined. He has received glowing compliments from the Guardian’s office and representatives from Heartland for Children.  He is, without question, a valuable asset to the Dependency system.  He has not been here long, but already, everyone wants to be like Mike!


Devereux Leadership sends special recognition to Danielle Williams as she is Always willing to help out no matter what.  She has helped with early morning pick-ups to support her co-workers.  Great team player!!! 

Devereux Leadership also wants to recognize Laura Civetta, Renee Cummings and Sherry Bickel.  New Employees but they have jumped in and helped out with transporting children after hours and staying late to help case managers while awaiting placements.