Danielle Meinke has been employed with One Hope United for almost two years. She is an amazing Case Manager who is completely committed to her work. She strives every day to ensure the safety and well-being of the children she serves. She has spent countless hours transporting children to medical appointments, tutoring sessions, parent and sibling visits, psychiatric appointments, counseling sessions, and shopping trips. She is supportive of parents working towards making behavior changes and achieving reunification with their children. She has a special success story of a mother who overcame her addiction and now has custody of her two boys after almost two years of struggling to achieve sobriety. Danielle was with her every step of the way and drives almost two hours every other week to conduct home visits with the family. There is not a caregiver or parent with whom Danielle works that would have a negative thing to say about her. One of the unique things about Danielle is that she knows each child on her caseload as if they were her own – their likes and their dislikes, their grades, their best friends, their fears and their pain. And she does everything in her power to help them overcome those fears and that pain. Danielle is an extremely devoted, loving, and incredible Case Manager who truly makes a difference in the lives of these families and children. Her passion for her work is an inspiration for others.


The leadership team of One Hope United would like to acknowledge the excellency in case management displayed by Jose Calderon, Julieanne Myers and Eureka Thompson. These case managers continue to provide stellar case management services within the system of care and are wonderful examples of advocacy and care for the children and families they serve. They never shrink when faced with challenges, but are rather focused, deliberate and solution driven.  Lastly, they are team players who are always willing to assist their fellow case manager. 

When we think of achieving permanency for child and families, it’s hard to do so without sending KUDOS to our amazing One Hope United Adoptions team headed by Adoptions Supervisor Barbara Hester.  Thank you OHU Adoptions Team for being an integral part of children finding forever families.


The Devereux Team would like to recognize Walner Pierrissaint for the assistance he provided to CHS with Creole translation services for a family during a Permanency Staffing. Partnership at its best! 


Ms. Michelle O’Connor with Devereux is the first one to volunteer to assist in any situation. Ms. O’Connor has received a new case where the child was being Baker Act almost every other day. Ms. O’Connor has built a rapport with the child to the point that her Baker Act episodes have been reduced dramatically. Ms. O’Connor made herself available to talk with the child at least once a day to help the child talk through her issues and feel comfortable in her placement. She also has another child that was continuously running away. Ms. O’Connor built a rapport with that child to the point she was contacting her during her elopements to let her know she was okay. The child has now been stable for a several months. Ms. O’Connor has reconnected her with her family and they have been visiting the child regularly and are considering becoming a placement for the child. Ms. O’Connor goes above and beyond with her cases and is truly the definition of what you look for in a Case Manager!