by: Bill Nunnally

Case manager's corner is Chief Quality & Performance Officer, Bill Nunnally's forum in which
to recognize various employees from case management organizations for their outstanding work.


Christina Ware started with Children’s Home Society in November 2015 as a Dependency Case Manager Trainee.  She has a true heart for helping families and her community.  Right from the beginning, it was clear that Christina had not only a passion for this field, but a knack for the intricacies of case management.  She demonstrated an ability to relate to people in a way that even more seasoned case managers sometimes struggled to do.  Additionally, she engages all of the children and families we serve with compassion and patience.   Now, a certified DCM, she has done some very significant work with her families, including recently assisting a mother of 4, with a very long dependency history, finally get reunified with all of her children.  Christina realized that the mother not only needed encouragement, and to meet her case plan requirements, but needed a strong support system, which she struggled to build her whole life.  Great Work Christina! You are changing lives.


Kim Newton, Supervisor for One Hope United is responsible for the training unit and has a majority of the primary cases at the site. She has handled an influx of cases recently, and is managing a lot simultaneously. She keeps her calm and is always respectful and ready with a “Yes Ma’am” to whatever situation arises. Her guidance and support of her team and the others at the site is greatly appreciated! Kim – you are molding our new cases managers out there…..supervisors are a main key to making all of this work. Awesome!!


Bonita Freeman, DCM with One Hope United has really gone above and beyond her in assisting one of her complex teens. She has been an advocate and looked high and low for placements able to meet the needs of the youth. She keeps her clients at the forefront of her efforts daily, and recently closed a case with 8 kids! Research tells us that one caring adult can often be the change factor in young people’s lives. Sounds like you may just be that person, Bonita. Thank you.


Here is what her supervisor said of Lakezia Perry with Gulf Coast: “Although Lakezia has always been an excellent Case Manager, over the past year I have watched her grow even further. She is so patient with her team, especially the newer Case Managers and she takes the time to walk them through processes.” Most of us who have worked in the HFC system of care for any length of time know Lakezia – either from personal interaction or by reputation. She epitomizes what it means to work in this business. And she does it year after year through countless cases. You’ve made a major difference in many lives, Lakezia.


Devereux would like to recognize Montel Collins on a job well done!  Montel worked closely with his family and the non-relative caregiver in deescalating a difficult situation after one of the kids on was accidentally run over by a riding lawn mower. Through appropriate communication skills and showing sensitivity, he was able to defuse the situation and keep everyone calm. The parents were visibly upset at the hospital and the caregiver was very distraught after causing the injury to the child. He remained calm and was able to communicate with warmth and empathy. The child is recovering and doing well. Case management is about so much more than paperwork, and Montel has provided us with a great example of that.


Thank you so much to all of our case management staff out there every day on the ground with our families. That’s where the work happens – not in back offices or on tracking reports. It happens out in the community where awesome, caring people step into the gap with families in trouble. Please never forget that we in management know this, and we know that we couldn’t get through a single day without you.