Why Foster Care?


There are approximately 987 children in out-of-home care in our circuit.  Approximately 399 of these are placed in a foster or group home setting. 

  • Of these, 113 are in group care settings.
  • 33.6% of our children are placed in homes or group care settings out of this circuit. 
  • Of the 113 children in group care, 77.8% of these are teens (age 13-17)

These children need a chance to live in a traditional family setting and to participate in normal childhood activites - to play sports and participate in extracurricular activities; to learn how to make plans for college or the career of their choice.  For this reason, our goal is to license at least 100 more homes in order to meet the needs of children in our community.  We utilize a matching system which tries to match children placed in care to a family with similar interests.  

Foster parents are the key to unlocking children’s futures and are the healing agents in allowing a child to heal and recover from the trauma they have experienced.  Every child deserves to live in a traditional family setting, and in order to make this a reality, we need more foster homes in all of our communities.

Interested in becoming a foster parent?  Call (863) 519-8900 ext. 289 for more information.