Vasquez Family

Living in New York, Betzaida Vasquez just had experienced the loss of her husband and was now a single mom of five children. On top of it all, she was now homeless and for five months she and her children lived out of her car and went from shelter to shelter. Despite the challenges, Betzaida never gave up and continued push forward. 

After moving to Florida, Betzaida ended up raising her five children here. Now her children are adults and Betzaida decided to open her home as a Level 1 Foster Home and she shares, "I said why not help other children if I did it myself with my five children. I love children. I love to see them happy and they can have a better future. I am a pastor and I love to help and one thing that make me happy seeing children with a smile on their face!

I remember when I had one of my children, their family didn't want him, nobody wanted him. He was a strong boy. I told the social worker give me an attorney to work with him it was hard. One day I was sitting with him and asked him, 'what's going through your mind?' He said, 'I just need a really family to love me and care for me.' Since that moment, everything changed. Now he's 19 years old and he is the most wonderful kid!"