Hobbs Family

It's #ReunificationMonth, we're celebrating the efforts of our child welfare professionals, foster families and community members that help support the reunification of families.

In 2018, the Hobbs family began their foster care journey and have been instrumental in keeping sibling groups together and being a support system to their families as they work towards reunification. Karyl and Joel share, "We're inspired by the opportunity of providing stability for children that seek support amidst an uncertain time of their lives. We are especially conscious of the need to maintain and preserve sibling relationships to allow them to maintain as much normalcy as possible."

Reflecting on one of their first cases, they share, "Our first case consisted of two siblings, which meant we grew from a family of 4 to 6. Shortly after placement, we discovered our foster children had two additional siblings in another foster home. With Heartland for Children's assistance and support, we brought the other two siblings into our home to care for all four of them. This was a major challenge for our family that had suddenly doubled in size. They were eventually able to be reunited with family and we were thankful to have played a part in their success."

To those considering fostering, Karyl wanted to share, "If you have room in your heart to help children who need to know they are loved and cared for, please know that there is so much support and resources available to help you succeed. It can be scary at first, but you are not alone in this journey. You will be part of a strong village to help in many ways. We have been overcome by the support and assistance available to help foster parents be successful in achieving the goal of caring for children in a supportive and nurturing environment. Thank you to Heartland for Children, ECHO Ministries Florida, Foster Florida, Inc, Early Learning Coalition of Polk County, family and friends, and all the members of the 'village' that help make this possible. Please consider opening your home and making a difference!"

To learn more about foster care, call 863-519-8900 x 289 or visit heartlandforchildren.org.