Foster Family of the Month: Hargrove

Meet the Hargroves, our Foster Family of the Month!

In 2018, Maria & Daniel began their foster care journey and decided that they only wanted to foster teens (our greatest need)! Since the beginning, they have been very involved in co-parenting, facilitating visits with bioparents and making sure the teens are able to stay connected with family. They champion and advocate for every teen that comes through their home, including the 15 and 16 year olds that are currently with them.

Maria shared, "My husband and I wanted to become foster parents because he's a high school teacher and coach. We've always had athletes or students stay for dinner, or get rides homes because their parents had to work late. So we wanted to make sure those that we couldn't reach at his school also had the opportunity to get our attention that they deserve."

They admit, fostering is not easy but giving these teens a chance makes it worth it. Maria shares that their favorite part is "hearing them laugh and finally be a kid - to finally have someone fight for them to help them help themselves and their family. Seeing them go home is hard but having them reach out later and tell you they love you for being there - it makes it worth all the tears."

Thank you Hargrove Family for all you do for our teens and their families! To learn more about becoming a foster caregiver, visit or call 863-519-8900 x 289.