Lori Wasson

Lori Wasson was licensed on October 18, 2011 for one child, but when she was asked if she could take two in order to keep sisters together, she quickly agreed.  She was later told that they had two brothers who were also in care and she welcomed the idea of having all four siblings placed with her.

The brothers were placed in her home in January 2012, reuniting all four children.  While in her care, Ms. Wasson facilitated visitations with their mother, grandparents and extended relatives. She allowed their mother extra time to visit on weekends and holidays and also transported the children to Lakeland for their visits.  Tragically, the children’s father passed away while they were in care.   Ms. Wasson took the children to grief counseling immediately after his passing and took care to make herself available to accommodate their needs during this difficult time.  She made their schools and daycare aware of the children’s trauma and worked with all professionals involved with the children to make this transition as smooth as possible for them.

Lori is involved in theatre and has participated in several community theater plays at Theatre Winter Haven. The two oldest children became interested in theatre/acting during their time with Ms. Wasson and asked her if they would be able to participate as well. They have been actively involved in acting/theatre ever since and have won several prizes and recognition-in-acting awards for their participation in both theater and music.

Ms. Wasson was eventually informed that the children had relatives in Nashville, Tennessee, and she made contact with the family to ensure that there was indeed a family connection.  After confirmation, she made special arrangements for the children to meet their Aunt, Uncle and cousins. She encouraged regular telephone calls and built a positive relationship with their extended family.  Over spring break, Mrs. Wasson arranged a trip where they could all meet and spend time together.  Ms. Wasson also allowed the children’s cousins to visit her home so that the children could bond with one another.

In June of 2013, the children were successfully placed with their Aunt and Uncle in Nashville after the school year was finished. Their Aunt also agreed to have the children maintain contact with Ms. Wasson and even visit Florida on holidays.

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