Cardin Family

We want to introduce you to the Cardin Family!

Jamie and Michael have always had a heart for kids - especially teens and siblings! This lead them to starting their journey 8 years ago by becoming foster caregivers and providing a safe and loving environment for kiddos. Jamie shares, "When we started our journey 8 years ago we didn't plan to adopt. We wanted to just be a safe place to land but God had much bigger plans."

When asked about what they would want to share with families considering adoption, Jamie shares, "We would tell people that adoption isn't always easy but it's absolutely worth it and love always wins! There is nothing greater than being able to be the hands and feet of Jesus to those that need Him. We can’t save these babies but we can keep pointing them to the one who can." Jamie continues, "People always ask us if we are done and we have learned that it isn’t up to us. God has continued to bring kiddos to us that need us but more than anything need Him. So we will keep trusting Him."

To learn more about adoption, call 863-519-8900 x 223 or check out our teens available on our Heart Gallery.