Journey of the Adoption Process

This story is written from the perspective of a local adoptive family regarding their journey of their second adoption through public adoption.  We thank this family wholeheartedly for sharing their beautiful story!

We wanted to adopt again after we finalized David's adoption.  We had been searching the websites and reaching out to all of the local agencies.  In November of 2012 we attended a matching event held by Heartland for Children at Family Fun Center.  David attended the event with us as well.  We walked into that event with an open mind and open heart.  We knew when we met the right child we would all know, and that is exactly what happened in November of 2012. 

I had read Frankie's child study and then found out there were some issue going on and he was not available for adoption for a while.  So when I saw him at the matching event, I wanted us to at least approach him and say hello.  While I was talking at the matching event, Frankie said "I bet you would be a nice dad."  That was all I needed for our sign that he was the one.  We went home that night and Randy and I talked about Frankie and what we needed to do to get to know him and learn more about Frankie and his needs.  We contacted our adoption specialist to let her know that we wanted to move forward with learning more about Frankie.  

In November and December we went through disclosure of Frankie's past in care.  It was heartbreaking to read all that he has been through.  Without even meeting Frankie again since the matching event, the more we read, the more we were falling for him.  He was a child who just needed someone to take a leap of faith on him.  I speak for all of us that we are so lucky we took that leap of faith.  

On January 5th we met Frankie for the first time as prospective adoptive parents for Frankie.  We were nervous, excited and scared all at the same time.  The meetings turned into all day visits and those turned into weekend visits and before we knew it March 15th arrived and Frankie moved into our home — into his new and forever home.  He had been selecting items and themes for his bedroom the whole time we had visits with Frankie.  His bedroom was all decorated in Angry Birds just waiting for him and his things to arrive.  The same day Frankie moved in, we found out that Randy had been offered and accepted a new position.  It was such a memorable day; we went out to dinner at Outback which was Frankie's choice.  

We had been planning a family spring break trip to California.  We took a chance and booked all the travel arrangements for Frankie in the hopes that he would be going with us, and he did go with us.  He got to fly on a plane for the first time and meet Randy's older brother and his wife as well as their newborn daughter.  We went sightseeing and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway towards San Francisco.  We went to the El Capitan, Reagan Library, the Monterrey Aquarium and many other sights.  It was the first family trip as a family of 5, counting Randy's mother.  We then flew out to Chicago, Illinois where Randy had a work conference, and I turned it into another family trip.  My aunt came up from southern Illinois to visit and meet Frankie for the first time.  I was raised in Chicago for 10 years so I was able to show the boys all the museums, aquariums and things I used to do as a kid their age living in Chicago.  

Frankie changed schools two weeks after we got back from Chicago.  The transition from his old school to his new school was amazing.  He hit the ground running at his new school, and during the last quarter at his new school, he made A's and B's.  The next month, on June 18th of 2013, we finalized Frankie's adoption.  

I know it was a very emotional day for many who have worked with Frankie for the 10 years he was in care.  We are so grateful for those who have been involved in Frankie's care and thankful to those who helped us along our journey to welcome Frankie into our family.  He is an amazing boy and we love him so much.  I know many parents say this but we truly feel like we have two of the most exceptional boys.  For everything they have been through and to still be such happy, loving children is such a miracle and blessing.


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