Adoption is Forever

You hear time and time again, "Adoption is forever."  It is very true that adoption is forever.  It is also very true that adoption can impact the lives of an entire family in a very powerful and positive way. 

In the midst of all the positives about adoption, the truth that adoption can be challenging and have “bumps in the road” years after the adoption finalized is very real.  We know that adoption is a lifelong commitment and almost all families may need some support whether it is one week after their adoption or ten years later.  Adoption is a rewarding, but challenging commitment.  Having these “bumps in the road” is a normal part of adoption and can happen to any adoptive family.  Knowing that there is help and support available as well as knowing when to ask for help is vital to all adoptive families.  The earlier help or support is obtained, the more effective the outcome. 

Heartland for Children provides post adoption support and services to all adoptive families who reside within Polk, Highlands, and Hardee counties.  We help families who have adopted through our agency as well as any family who has adopted, including private and international adoptions.  There are also local adoption support groups throughout the state of Florida.  

For post-adoption support, please contact Heartland for Children’s Post Adoption Specialist, Kelly Willis, at (863) 519-8900 ext. 232.