The Yellow Dress - Teen Dating Violence Prevention

The Yellow Dress is a one-woman play that is focused on the prevention of teen dating violence. It is a program from Deana’s Educational Theater, and Heartland for Children has been granted limited production rights to implement the program locally. The Yellow Dress was developed as an educational tool to illustrate the seriousness of violence in dating relationships, and offers a platform from which discussion can begin around healthy dating relationships. During the one-woman performance, the actress tells the story of how a relationship that started as friendship blossomed into love and then became violent.

The audience participates in a discussion after the performance to reinforce knowledge of four primary lessons relating to domestic violence:

  1. Early warning signs of an abusive relationship
  2. Why victims stay in abusive relationships; why it is hard to break up
  3. How to help a friend who is a victim of abuse or a perpetrator (abuser)
  4. How to access local resources for help

Heartland for Children is currently implementing the Yellow Dress program in local high schools and other community groups that work with local teens. An interactive survey instrument is being utilized to track the number of participants and their learning gains on the four primary lessons covered during the program.

For more information on the Yellow Dress, contact Vereuch Simmons at (863) 519-8900 ext. 214.