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Jack is a 15-year old who may at first seem super shy, but discover the key to unlocking Jack’s shyness and you’ve got someone super chatty and social! This is a kid who doesn’t waver from a good conversation. Jack is very respectful, caring and loves to spend time with his friends. A perfect day would be spent outside playing football and basketball, activities that stimulate his fun and competitive nature! But this isn’t someone with a one-track mind, he’s well rounded and has other neat interests, like cooking!  Jack is adventurous in trying new foods and doesn’t have a particular favorite! He also enjoys gaming, listening to music, Anime and survival game shows! Jack has a bright future ahead and plans to explore a career auto mechanics or engineering when he grows up. Are you a family who might be ready to explore and tinker with his creativity at home? Jack would thrive in a family who is active, nurturing, easy-going, and can be a strong support system.

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