Family & Community Engagement Coordinator

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  • Job Summary:

    This position is responsible for increasing family/community awareness, engagement and communication at Crystal Lake Elementary, A Community Partnership School by working with the school’s operations team, administration and utilizing community resources to create a supportive environment for the students to excel in their education and well-being and provide supports and services to students, family members and community members.

  • Essential Functions:

    • Establish and maintain positive working relationships with the school’s operations team, students, families, community members, school staff and stakeholders
    • Design and implement an overall outreach plan in alignment with the Community Partnership School (CPS) needs, goals and objectives to engage families and community members to participate in activities and services on campus and in the community
    • Plan, coordinate and execute events, activities and logistics and support community/school activities in conjunction with Community Partnership School and school leadership in support of the goals set forth in the outreach plan
    • Identify, engage and support community action groups and centers of influence in the community
    • Support the senior management’s efforts to effectively engage the family/parents and community stakeholders, which align with the goals set by school leadership and the CPS cabinet
    • Execute local marketing activities, awareness campaigns and events
    • Provide information, advice, content and recommendations for community engagement activities to senior management and school leadership to advance visibility and Community Partnership School outcomes
    • Develop and cultivate community outreach through presentations for new and existing engagement opportunities
    • Provide information, advice and recommendations for press release content, feature stories and local media to senior management
    • Participate in maintaining accurate and complete family/parent and community member participation and engagement data.
    • Develop and maintain a warm and inviting Family/Parent Resource Center to foster relationships between caregivers, school personnel, and students
    • Develop key community relationships to enhance outreach and build a resource list for family/parents and students
    • Deliver programs and/or activities which concentrate on family/parent participation for the purpose of promoting a successful school experience for students and providing networking opportunities for family/parents
    • Participate in all designated CPS meetings and activities, liaison with school administrative personnel to align system goals, program objects and community services; serve as an active member and creative partner for the Community Partnership School program team
    • Coordinate educational opportunities for the purposes of promoting student achievement, student attendance, and home-school partnerships
    • Develop relationships with family/parents to engage them in areas of the school where they can influence the success of students and staff
    • Assist in overcoming language barriers at gatherings, home and social visits, and at school activities
    • Make home visits and/or phone calls to identify family/parent needs
    • Create targeted programming to engage family/parents and students new to the school and provide specific strategies to involve them in student success
    • Prepare written materials for the purposes of documenting activities, providing written reference and/or conveying information.
    • Participate in the quality improvement process
    • Other duties as requested

  • Qualifications Required:

    Minimum of High School diploma and three years of experience working with children and families regarding social needs required.

  • Qualifications Preferred:

    Experience advocating and building community relationships, knowledge of the Crystal Lake Community in Lakeland, FL and bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.

  • Physical Requirements:

  • Benefits:

    We offer excellent benefits package with tuition assistance, domestic partner coverage, retirement & generous paid time off. 

  • Additional Information:

    Apply on-line at  Drug free workplace.  Drug testing req.  EOE/M/F/D/V

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