Administrative Support-Adoptions

  • Closing Date:


  • Job Summary:

    This is a professional position responsible for retrieving and analyzing client data and reports, responding to calls regarding adoption and post adoption services and monitoring/tracking all adoption and post adoption referrals and assignments.


  • Essential Functions:

    • Establishes and maintains positive working relationship with HFC customers
    • Complete Adoption Inquires and register the families for the adoption training, and maintain the annual adoption training calendar.
    • Performs routine administrative functions for the unit such as drafting correspondence, scheduling appointments, organizing and maintaining paper and electronic files, ordering/assembling adoption backpacks or adoption bags, assist with Informational Night and Adoption 101 preparation or provide information to callers
    • Composes and distributes meeting notes, correspondence and reports
    • Maintains staffing calendar and coordinates conference calls and meetings
    • Compile, maintain and organize data from FSFN and other tracking systems
    • Monitors and tracks adoption and post adoption assignments
    • Assist with retrieving critical documents from FSFN and other systems
    • Assist with requesting documents as identified from various agencies
    • Assist with monitoring and tracking requested documents
    • Assist with organizing, compiling and constructing adoption files
    • Assist with redacting essential documents for adoption disclosure
    • Assist with preparing and transporting files back to Heartland for Children after finalization
    • Communicates with various professionals regarding outstanding documents
    • Performs other unit duties as assigned

  • Qualifications Required:

    High school diploma or GED required.

  • Qualifications Preferred:

     Three years data entry experience in a child welfare or related field preferred. Florida Safe Families Network (FSFN) experience preferred. 

  • Physical Requirements:

  • Benefits:

    Excellent benefits package with tuitition assistance, domestic partner coverage, retirement & generous paid time off.

  • Additional Information:

    Drug Free workplace. Drug testing required. EOE/M/F/D/V

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