Dibrango Family

Meet the Dibrango Family! Kimberly and Joellen are both teachers and have always had a heart to help kids. When they were online, they saw one of our 13-year old teen girls available for adoption and realized that they knew her! It didn't take long for them to make the decision that they had room in their heart and home to give the gift of a family to a teen!
Reflecting on some of their favorite memories Kimberly shared, "Our adoption day was very special. After Covid, we were one of the first face to face adoptions at the courthouse. We celebrated by going to Magic Kingdom and meeting with family there. We kept the court hearing to just our immediate family. We also enjoy making new memories together as a family."
Kimberly shares this for families that are interested in adoption, "It definitely isn’t easy, but it does have its positive moments. It’s great seeing your child work through trauma and grow up. It’s a full-time job, that takes lots of patience, but it definitely has it rewarding moments. We love that we adopted an older child. She’s a great fit into our family."
To learn more about our children and teens available for adoption, visit our Heart Gallery or call 863-519-8900 x 223.